Gig Harbor, Washington, is famous for its beautiful views and calm lifestyle. But when it comes to weather, it’s quite different from other big cities in the U.S. In this blog, we’ll look closely at how much rain and snow Gig Harbor gets and how many sunny days there are, and compare these details with cities like Los Angeles, Phoenix, Dallas, Denver, Chicago, New York, Boston, and Orlando.

Gig Harbor’s Weather:

Gig Harbor is in the Pacific Northwest and has a climate influenced by the ocean. This means mild winters, cool summers, and plenty of rain:

Rain: Gig Harbor gets about 39 inches of rain each year, which is a lot compared to many places. This rain helps keep the area green and lush.

Snow: It doesn’t snow much here, just around 4 inches a year. So, heavy snow is rare.

Sunny Days: There are about 139 sunny days annually in Gig Harbor. Summers are mostly sunny, but overall, there are fewer sunny days here than in many other cities.

How Gig Harbor Compares to Other Cities:

Los Angeles, California:

  • Rain: Only about 15 inches a year.
  • Snow: Almost never.
  • Sunny Days: Over 280 days.

Los Angeles has a warmer climate with very little rain and lots of sunny days.

Phoenix, Arizona:

  • Rain: Just 9 inches a year.
  • Snow: None.
  • Sunny Days: More than 300 days.

Phoenix is in the desert, so it’s dry with a lot of sun and high temperatures.

Dallas, Texas:

  • Rain: About 39 inches, similar to Gig Harbor.
  • Snow: Less than an inch.
  • Sunny Days: 234 days.

Dallas is warmer with similar rainfall to Gig Harbor but a lot more sun.

Denver, Colorado:

  • Rain: 15 inches a year.
  • Snow: 60 inches.
  • Sunny Days: About 245 days.

Denver is dry but gets a lot of snow in the winter and has many sunny days.

Chicago, Illinois:

  • Rain: 36 inches a year.
  • Snow: 36 inches.
  • Sunny Days: 189 days.

Chicago has cold, snowy winters and warm summers with moderate sunshine.

New York, New York:

  • Rain: 47 inches a year.
  • Snow: 25 inches.
  • Sunny Days: 224 days.

New York gets more rain and snow than Gig Harbor and has a good number of sunny days.

Boston, Massachusetts:

  • Rain: 43 inches a year.
  • Snow: 48 inches.
  • Sunny Days: 200 days.

Boston’s weather includes cold winters with plenty of snow and rain, similar to New York but colder.

Orlando, Florida:

  • Rain: 50 inches a year.
  • Snow: None.
  • Sunny Days: 233 days.

Orlando is warm with a lot of rain during the summer, lots of sunshine, and no snow.

Gig Harbor’s Weather Update:

This April in Gig Harbor, we’re experiencing mild temperatures with occasional showers. While spring brings fresh blooms and vibrant greenery, it’s wise to keep an umbrella handy for those unpredictable rain showers.

Gig Harbor’s weather, characterized by moderate rainfall, minimal snowfall, and a modest number of sunny days, sets it apart from the climates of these major U.S. cities. Understanding these distinctions offers insight into the diverse weather patterns across the country, enriching our appreciation for the unique environments each region has to offer.