Gig Harbor is one of the most desirable locations to live in the country but that doesn’t make the actual moving process any more fun. As an seasoned realtor here in Gig Harbor, I can tell you most of my clients end up hiring a moving company, but which one should you choose? I’ve put together a list of my favorite movers servicing Gig Harbor.

Several fantastic moving companies in the area handle both local and national moves, so you’ll be able to relocate between Gig Harbor and anywhere. My current top pick is All Service Moving, because of the scope of their offerings. The whole list is packed with great options, though, so read on for all of my favorites and my reasons for including them.

#1 – All Service Moving 

All Service Moving comes in at the top spot thanks to its versatility and comprehensive services. This company offers both local and long-distance moves and has multiple locations across the country. You’ll find them at several spots around these cities: 

  • Seattle, WA
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Portland, OR

If you’re already in Gig Harbor and looking to relocate elsewhere, All Service Moving helps with local moves or ones all the way across the country. They offer packing and unpacking services, as well as storage options, so they’ll cover as much as you require.

That offers peace of mind for anyone dreading the work required to move, as All Service Moving can handle everything for you. The company even offers moving consultations so everything is planned and understood in advance. 

All of this is backed up by stellar reviews on sites like Yelp, where they’ve earned a 4.5-star rating with 428 reviews. 

#2 – JK Moving Services 

JK Moving Services is one of the biggest moving companies in the country, and there are plenty of reasons for its success. JK Moving Services offers residential moving (among several other services) for local, long-distance, and even international moves. In my experience, it’s tough to find moving services that cover every moving situation, but JK Moving Services has it in the bag. 

They also offer several levels of packing services, including full-service packing, fragile-only packing, and DIY packing where they provide you with packing materials and you put away your own items. Once you get to Gig Harbor (or wherever you happen to be moving), JK Moving Services also offers unpacking services. 

But what really sets them apart from their competition? JK Moving Services offers financing options. Moving is tough, but it can also be incredibly expensive, especially if you have a big move or you’re traveling a long way. Having financing options built into their business model elevates JK Moving Services above competitors. 

#3 – Uplift Movers

Uplift Movers is another company handling local or long-distance moves, as long as they’re within Washington state. They cover Seattle and many of the surrounding areas, making this company an excellent choice for Gig Harbor residents looking to relocate. 

Uplift Movers boasts a 5-star rating on Yelp and similar scores across other platforms, so many satisfied customers are standing behind them. Former patrons say they took great care with items, were professional, and that the company and workers are very responsive. 

Along with moving services, they offer packing, unpacking, furniture assembly (like bed frames), piano moving, and several other services. They bring along all their own moving supplies, so you can sit back and watch your move happen seamlessly. 

#4 –  Pure Moving Company

Pure Moving Company started on the coast but has since expanded to include the Seattle area, South Florida, and several cities in California. From their base in Seattle, they handle local and long-distance moves, so you can move around the city, the state, or anywhere you need to go. 

Pure Moving Company also offers comprehensive moving packages, so you won’t need to worry about packing, unpacking, assembly, or anything else. They offer estimates, too, and you won’t be hit with any hidden fees. 

Hundreds of five-star reviews and satisfied customers agree. People rave about their efficiency and careful handling and say that Pure Moving Company offers great value for the amount of work and care they display during the moving process. Many customers also appreciate their thorough estimate process, so they knew what to expect when it came to payments. 

#5 – International Van Lines

Small moves, big moves, domestic moves, and, yes, international movesInternational Van Lines handles it all. They cover the whole United States along with 150 additional countries, so you’ll be able to move from anywhere to beautiful Gig Harbor (or vice versa).

International Van Lines also offers auto transportation, so even if you’re going a long distance you won’t need to worry about how you’re moving your car, truck, motorcycle, or even your boat. IVL offers door-to-door services and has been recognized by Forbes, the Wall Street Journal,, and other organizations for its outstanding services. 

#6 – Two Men and a Moving Van

With Two Men and a Moving Van, I’ll reel things back into the Seattle area. This company specializes in local moves around Seattle, including Gig Harbor, and covers everything from the most basic moving services to their top-tier VIP Package. 

If you’re looking for your move to be completely hands-off, Two Men and a Moving Van’s VIP Package offers full packing and unpacking, move-out cleaning, furniture disassembly, and so much more. You’ll even have an on-site supervisor to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

Their regular list of services includes loading and unloading, packing, storage services, and more. Their website allows you to set up your whole move online, too, so it’s convenient to get started. 

#7 – Eco Movers 

If you’re searching for a company that knows the Gig Harbor area, Eco Movers is an excellent option. According to their own site, they handle moves “from, to, and around Gig Harbor” and have been in the business since 2009. 

Eco Movers offers everything from full-service moves to labor only, so they can assist at whatever level you require. They also offer special packages for senior movers – something few of their competitors put together. With Eco Movers, you get sustainable, licensed, insured help for any size of move – from residential homes to apartments, to bigger commercial moves. 

This company currently has 5 stars on Yelp and Google Reviews, too, so many former customers agree they’re a top-notch company. 

#8 – Mountain Moving and Storage

Mountain Moving and Storage is a Tacoma-based moving company that handles local and long-distance moves, including several specialty services. If you have unique, special, or otherwise fragile equipment going into Gig Harbor (or out of it), Mountain Moving and Storage is equipped to take care of it. They offer these types of special moves and moving situations as well. 

  • Gun safes
  • Military moves
  • Government moves
  • Decluttering
  • And more!

Mountain Moving and Storage even handles international moves, so if you’re looking for a local company but planning on heading overseas – this is the one for you. This company currently has an impressive 4.5-star rating on Google Reviews, with 131 reviews behind it, and a 4-star Yelp rating. 

#9 – Can’t Stop Moving 

Last but certainly not least, I’ll round up the list with Can’t Stop Moving. This company is dually based out of Seattle, WA, and Boston, MA, meaning they’ve got both coasts covered. Can’t Stop Moving handles both short and long-distance moves and offers other services like packing and storage. 

Additionally, this company handles one of the biggest, bulkiest items to move – the piano. If you own a baby grand (or any other type of piano) and have no idea how to get it to your new home, Can’t Stop Moving will relocate it safely with their piano movers.

Can’t Stop Moving has an incredible 605 reviews on Yelp, all amounting to a well-earned rating of 5 stars. Former customers appreciate their handling of fragile items like televisions and pianos, as well as their willingness to work within budgets. 


Moving doesn’t have to be a headache. Whether you’re heading into Gig Harbor or leaving it behind for someplace new, having a solid, dependable moving company lets the journey be something exciting. You may be beginning a new job, expanding your household, or just getting a fresh start somewhere else. Whatever the reason for the move, you should be able to enjoy it for what it is instead of stressing over how you’ll get your belongings there. 

The nine options on this list aren’t the only moving companies in the area, of course, but they’ll give you a place to begin. Compare estimates, check the availability for your moving dates, and see if any of them are the right fit for you and your family