Hey, young adventurers! If you’re a water-loving youth in Gig Harbor, get ready for a splash of excitement. Gig Harbor isn’t just about beautiful views; it’s also a treasure trove of cool water clubs made just for you. Let’s dive into the world of junior sailing, kayaking, and more!

Gig Harbor Yacht Club Junior Sailing Fun

Location: Gig Harbor Yacht Club, 8209 Stinson Avenue

Set sail with the Junior Sailing Program at Gig Harbor Yacht Club. If you’re 8 to 18, this program is your ticket to learning all things sailing – from basics to racing tricks. Plus, you’ll make friends who share your love for the open water.

Gig Harbor Canoe and Kayak Team

Location: Skansie Brothers Park, 3207 Harborview Drive

Grab a paddle and join the Gig Harbor Canoe and Kayak Racing Team at Skansie Brothers Park. No matter if you’re a newbie or a pro, they’ve got training for everyone. And guess what? You might even get to compete in cool races!

Harbor WildWatch Marine Adventure

Location: Skansie Brothers Park Pavilion

Wanna explore the mysteries of the sea? Head to Skansie Brothers Park Pavilion for the Harbor WildWatch Marine Explorers Program. It’s all about hands-on activities that teach you about the wonders of Puget Sound. Get ready to be a marine expert!

PenMet Parks Youth Kayak Crew

Location: Gig Harbor Sports Complex, 2002 36th Street NW

If kayaking is more your style, check out PenMet Parks Youth Kayak Club at Gig Harbor Sports Complex. They’ll show you the ropes of kayaking, from safety tips to cool trips. Get ready for some watery fun!

Gig Harbor Dragon Boat Adventure

Location: Eddon Boat Park, 3805 Harborview Drive

Ever tried dragon boating? The Gig Harbor Dragon Boat Team – Junior Division is where it’s at! Find them at Eddon Boat Park and join the dragon boat fun. It’s teamwork, strength, and a whole lot of smiles!

Ready to make a splash?

Gig Harbor is like a water wonderland for young adventurers, with clubs that turn your water dreams into real-life adventures. Sailing, paddling, or exploring marine life – take your pick! These clubs don’t just teach you cool skills; they make sure you have a blast on the water and fall in love with Gig Harbor’s amazing maritime world. Let the water adventures begin! ????