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Exploring Gig Harbor

Gig Harbor

Downtown Gig Harbor is where it all began in 1867. The heart of downtown surrounds the beautiful and deep boating harbor known as Gig Harbor.

You probably are wondering, why is it called “Gig” Harbor? When explorers first reached the South Puget Sound, the opening to this harbor was so small that they could not take the ship in, so they had to lower the little “Gig” boat, a small rowboat, to explore it. They found a large harbor that now contains multiple marinas and fishing “net sheds”.

The net sheds reflect the town’s beginning as a sleepy fishing village where Croatian fishermen, like the Skansie Family, settled and docked their boats to be taken to Alaska for the summer fishing season.

In general Gig Harbor is well known for its close-knit community and quality schools with engaged parents.


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