Youth sports are an integral part of community life in Gig Harbor. From baseball and soccer in the spring and summer to basketball and hockey in the winter, there are countless opportunities for kids of all ages to get involved in team sports. Not only are they a fun way for kids to stay active and make friends, but sports also teach important lessons about teamwork, perseverance, and good sportsmanship.

Some of the most popular youth sports leagues in Gig Harbor include:

Soccer Leagues

1. Peninsula Soccer Club:

  • Age Groups: From young children to teenagers
  • Experience: Beginner to advanced

Enter a world of matches, skills, and drills meant to inspire a passion for the beautiful game. The Peninsula Soccer Club develops friendships while honing on-field abilities

2. Gig Harbor Youth Soccer Club:

  • Age Groups: Varied divisions
  • Experience: All levels welcome

Get your soccer career off to a great start with skill-building and fun-filled coaching clinics, leagues, and competitions. Soccer players in training get together here.

Baseball Diamonds

1. Gig Harbor Little League:

  • Age Groups: T-ball to teens
  • Experience: Beginner to expert

Swing for the fences with Gig Harbor Little League’s structured programs, fostering a love for America’s favorite pastime. From learning the basics to competitive play, it’s a home run!

2. Gig Harbor Baseball Club:

  • Age Groups: Youth divisions
  • Experience: All skill levels

Dive into a season of hitting, catching, and sliding at Gig Harbor Baseball Club. Tailored programs focus on skill development, teamwork, and a shared love for the game.

Hoops and Basketball Court

1. Gig Harbor Youth Basketball Association:

  • Age Groups: Elementary to high school
  • Experience: Beginner to competitive

Dribble, shoot, score! The association offers clinics, leagues, and tournaments where aspiring ballers hone their skills, learn strategy, and foster teamwork on the court.

Interactive Engagement for Parents and Young Athletes:
Community Events

Keep an eye out for local sports festivals, where families and athletes come together for games, skill challenges, and a day filled with sports-centric fun.

Volunteer Opportunities

Engage with your child’s sports journey by volunteering as a coach, referee, or event organizer. It’s a chance to contribute and bond over the love of sports.

Skill Workshops

Explore workshops focusing on specific skills—be it soccer dribbling, baseball pitching, or basketball shooting—to enhance your young athlete’s abilities.

So whether your child wants to play baseball, soccer, hockey, or basketball, Gig Harbor has plenty of opportunities for them to join a team, make new friends, and have fun playing the game. So put on your shoes, get your balls and bats, and join the chorus of supporters as the young people of Gig Harbor demonstrate their athletic abilities on the fields and courts!