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February 16th, 2024 · Activities

  • Exploring Lake Activities in Gig Harbor

    · Activities

    Hey everyone! Gig Harbor’s lakes are full of fun stuff to do, and we want YOU to join in! Whether you like playing in the water or taking easy walks, there’s something for everyone here. Ready to jump in and have a blast? Let’s go! Sylvia Lake Sylvia Lake is surrounded by tall trees and…

    February 8th, 2024  ·  6 min read

  • Gig Harbor’s Best Dog Groomers

    · F.A.Q.

    Hey there, Gig Harbor paw-rents! Get ready to bark up the right tree with our ultimate guide to Gig Harbor’s top dog groomers. Whether your furry friend needs a trim, a scrub, or just some extra love, these spots have it all. So, grab your leash, and let’s wag on! Let’s start with The Groom…

    January 31st, 2024  ·  3 min read

  • Exciting Water Clubs for Young Adventurers in Gig Harbor

    · Activities

    Hey, young adventurers! If you’re a water-loving youth in Gig Harbor, get ready for a splash of excitement. Gig Harbor isn’t just about beautiful views; it’s also a treasure trove of cool water clubs made just for you. Let’s dive into the world of junior sailing, kayaking, and more! Gig Harbor Yacht Club Junior Sailing…

    January 24th, 2024  ·  3 min read

  • Gig Harbor’s Awesome Boating Adventure

    · Activities

    Let’s explore the fantastic world of boating in Gig Harbor! This guide will help you have an amazing time on the water, finding cool spots, and learning tips to make your boating experience the best. Boating Basics in Gig Harbor Start your journey by understanding the variety of boats in Gig Harbor. Explore the iconic…

    January 18th, 2024  ·  4 min read

  • Forecasting the 2024 Housing Market

    · F.A.Q.

    The housing market is a constantly shifting landscape, influenced by various economic factors and societal changes. As we step into 2024, there’s a buzz of anticipation surrounding the real estate market. Experts have been closely analyzing trends and indicators to forecast what the year holds for prospective buyers, sellers, and homeowners alike. Appreciation Predictions One…

    January 11th, 2024  ·  3 min read

  • Exploring 55-Plus Communities in Gig Harbor

    · F.A.Q.

    For those seeking a peaceful yet vibrant place to retire, the 55-plus communities in Gig Harbor offer a wonderful blend of natural beauty, social engagement, and tailored amenities. Let’s delve into what makes these communities an inviting choice for seniors looking to enjoy their golden years. What are 55-Plus Communities? 55-plus communities, also known as…

    January 3rd, 2024  ·  5 min read

  • Game On! Your Guide to Youth Sports in Gig Harbor

    · Activities

    Youth sports are an integral part of community life in Gig Harbor. From baseball and soccer in the spring and summer to basketball and hockey in the winter, there are countless opportunities for kids of all ages to get involved in team sports. Not only are they a fun way for kids to stay active…

    December 26th, 2023  ·  4 min read

  • Gig Harbor’s Cycling Wonderland

    · Activities

    Hey there, fellow biking enthusiasts! If you’re craving two-wheeled adventures in Gig Harbor, you’re in for an absolute treat. Come along with me as we explore the many bike routes that wind through this magical destination in the Pacific Northwest. Paved Trails 1. Cushman Trail This paved trail winds through forests, residential areas, and along…

    December 21st, 2023  ·  4 min read

  • Exploring the Education Landscape:

    · F.A.Q.

    Gig Harbor’s education landscape is marked by the Peninsula School District, an educational hub catering to the diverse needs of the community. This comprehensive blog offers an extensive exploration of the district, encompassing its various schools, academic performance, and the array of educational opportunities it provides. Peninsula School District Unveiled Stretching across Gig Harbor’s landscape,…

    December 11th, 2023  ·  5 min read

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